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Who are we?

we're a professional, experienced, ambitious, creative and active team. we ran many successful servers before and even much more proud to introduce this one. The experience we gained throught years qualify us to introduce a PvP server with the quality and features of the biggest and most well known pve servers and we're still developing. we will keep improving cuz this is our passion and we would love to give SRO community a lovely experience that sticks in their minds and hearts for years or maybe for ever!


We're aiming to make a server everyone loves, including that poor busy college student who barely have time to play the game  . Here you're always welcomed, you don't have to play 24/7 to catch up or Mayonnaise  . Our goal is to make a stable server you can have fun and make good memories. As SUCCESS defintion differs among people, success for us means a stable, full fun server that people love and really enjoy and for that we will do our best cuz that's what really satisfy us.